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Thanks for your continued support. Celensoft is always growing. Millions of users around the globe are using our software’s to get things done. We are truly dedicated to what we do and as a part of our dedication to our beloved users we have launched our new website Celensoft.com. Yes! Finally we now own our own domain. Please feel free to click on the link below and start exploring our new website.


Version 16.5


The best web browser ever. Really fast and fluid. I thought Chrome was the fastest, but was mistaken.”

          - John Phillipson, Graphics Designer

Super Web 16 is the fastest web browser  I have ever used. By the way, web page sharing is awesome.”

              - Michael Matt, Business Owner

“Beautiful design, stunning features, the best web browser. Translation and Share are my favorite features”

                  - Dave Beltzner, Webmaster


 Celensoft Super Web is unique from other browsers. Go through the stunning features of Celensoft Super Web to get more out of it.

Make Super Web yours by customizing it with tons of themes that is available on  Super Web Store.Check out the Store today.

Need help any time? Feel free to access Super Web Help & Support Center for more help about the features and capability of Super Web.

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