Ce lensoft Super Web

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Celensoft Super Web is a web browser created with a mission to provide fast and powerful web to millions around the globe free of charge. Super Web is well known for the speed in which it renders web pages and the HTML 5 capabilities of the browser. 

The first version of Celensoft Super Web was released in the year 2010 and it attained great success. Currently Super Web is one of the most popular web browsers and it had been downloaded and being used by several millions around the globe.

Celento C George a 16 year student from India is the founder of Celensoft, an individual company which created amazing products such as Super Web and Celensoft Instant. Celensoft Super Web is a free and efficient web browser which changes the way how we browse the web. Super Web is free and it had been downloaded thousands of times since it was released on June 2013.

Celensoft Instant is another approach to make our life in the modern age easier and simpler. Celensoft Instant brings your entire social and email contents together into one place and provide an easy switch between all of them. The beta version of Celensoft instant was a huge success and a simpler form of it was implemented in Celensoft Super Web.

Celento C George was taught to code himself at the age of 11 and had created several software’s which were the best performers in many online software store. He likes to pursue a career in the field of Computer Science especially in software.


Celento C George: [email protected]

Official Super Web email: [email protected]

Celensoft Website: http://www.celensoft.webs.com